The Polluted Peach Forest
Vital statistics
Giver Assistant Apothecary
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Peach Spirit *20
Kill Polluted Peach Tree *20
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 1760 Experience
293 Energy
400 Laurel Mountain Reputation

Those polluted peach became peach spirits. They use their polluted body to pollute the only water source of our village. All of the villagers will have to move away if they continue doing this. Who can help us to wipe out the peach spirits.

Assistant Apothecary

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Laurel Mountain Assistant Apothecary to wipe out the peach evils polluted the water source.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

All the villagers put their hopes on you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! We have clean water source to use again.

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