The Outpost of the Aborigines
Vital statistics
Giver Shang Fengzi
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Male Aborigine *16
Level 10
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 2990 Experience
1495 Energy
9 Silver 36 Coin

I found there are always some aborigines guarding out of the cave. They must be patrolling sentries. They are all wild people who insisted that I went there to steal something. I don't want to explain to them because they wouldn't listen to me. Can you go to punish them for me?

Shang Fengzi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to punish those aborigines who are in charge of sentry.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You must give them a good lesson for me.

Ask DialogueEdit

I want to have a rest here. I was so tired just now. You should give them a lesson for me


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hehe, I saw some aborigines were beaten to scamper off like a frightened rat in a far distance.

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