The No-eyebrow Junta
Vital statistics
Giver Celestial Tao
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Tempted Man *14
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1400 Experience
700 Energy
4 Silver 20 Coin
Next: The Confidential Lette

A few days ago, some of my nephews came from Wizard attacked by some barbarians when them past Sand Village. They were badly injured! I stay here specially to watch what would happen all around. As my expectation, those barbarians became very boisterous because of bewitched by some strange abilities. I don't know whether you'd like to revenge for my injured nephews.

Celestial Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Consigned by the Celestial Tao to revenge for his injured nephew.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be aware of those people who are bewitched. They are almost mad.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you revenge for my nephew?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! Those hellions deserve being killed.

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