The Nirvana
Vital statistics
Giver Red Flower Grandma Split Body
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Golden Camel
Kill Nun Fly Dragon
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 5750 Experience
2875 Energy
17 Silver 25 Coin
Defensive boots by class
Orchid Boots Orchid Boots
Hundred Fights Boots Hundred Fights Boots
Silver Gull Boots Silver Gull Boots
Previous: Fire Squamae

Haha... Today is the last day of Fly Dragon Nun and Golden Camel. There is a saying that the mills of God grind slowly. They have done so many evil things. Please kill them on behalf of the God and all of us.

Red Flower Grandma Split Body

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go into the Alchemical Room to wipe out Fly Dragon Nun and Golden Camel.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I think we should asked some more people to go with us, thus we are more sure to be successful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Red Flower Grandma:

They were beaten by you at last. My soul can get back to my body now. This Alchemical Room is sealed, let me send you out.

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