The Mystery of Machine Monster
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Village officer
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Elite Machine Monster *10
Kill Elite Machine Giant *10
Kill Machine Master
Level 35
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 19600 Experience
9800 Energy
60 Silver 0 Coin

I am sure you have heard the fact that there are some strange Machine Giants and Machine Monsters in Laurel Mountain these days. Actually, they are made by Machine Master, an elf with paralyze on his legs but be fond of making machinery. Those Machine Monster made by him are very fierce and cruel. Now I am looking for people to go to catch him, <Player name>, would you like to take this important responsibility?

Peach Headstream Village officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Please Help Peach Headstream Village officer to find out the mystery of Machine Monster.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Although Machine Monster is half-paralyzed, he has a machine cart for him to move. You must be very careful!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you finished it yet?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! We will deal with the Machine Monsters left.

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