The Morning Drew
Vital statistics
Giver Wu Wenqi
Type Primary
Requirements Morning Dew Morning Dew *10
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 1050 Experience
525 Energy
3 Silver 36 Coin
Defensive armguard by class
Rosebush Armguard Rosebush Armguard
Previous: Heart Broken Grass
Next: Practising

It is of no use to take the elixir without ordinary spring water, even the water in the Bright Spring. The elixir must be taken with the morning drew on the body of water eidolon. It is the first drew that absorbs the spirit of the sky and the ground. It can bring the heart broken grass into full play. Are you willing to collect some from water eidolon?

Wu Wenqi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Wu Wenqi to beat the water eidolons in the maple forest and collect the morning drew.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I will wait for your morning drew. Be quick! The heart broken grass can't last long time when explored in the air.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! We still have time. I begin to make the elixir at the moment.

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