The Monk Soldiers in Mercy Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Muscle-man Wei
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Monk Ranger *30
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 5700 Experience
2850 Energy
17 Silver 10 Coin

It is Mercy Temple which support Monk Mao Tai. You have to beat down these monk soldiers if you want to explore Mercy Temple's situation. I think <Player name> can finish this task.

Muscle-man Wei

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat the monk soldiers around Mercy Temple.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The monk soldiers have rode roughshod over the villagers for a long time. Now it's time for us to revenge.

Ask DialogueEdit

The monk soldiers usually guard on the roads to Mercy Temple. You can find them easily


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Well done. Most of the barriers to Mercy Temple have been cleaned. We can go up to the mountain.

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