The Map of Red Flower Cave
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Village officer
Type Primary
Requirements Chip of Trap Picture Chip of Trap Picture *20
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 8800 Experience
4400 Energy
26 Silver 40 Coin
Next: The Machine Hinge

Fly Dragon Nun now lives in the Red-flower Cave. Red-flower Grandma is her helper. We must beat them for the sake of villagers. THere are many traps in the cave. We must first to get the map of the traps to disclose the traps.

Peach Headstream Village officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the villager to get the map of Red-flower Cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This is good time to act now, the Machine Men are wandering about.

Ask DialogueEdit

We will be killed without the map of traps...


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I have to spend some time on putting the pieces of maps into a whole one.

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