The Lost Goods
Vital statistics
Giver Auctioneer
Type Primary
Requirements Lost Things Lost Things
Level 8
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1680 Experience
840 Energy
5 Silver 28 Coin

I am so afraid when I think of that. I spent a lot of money to get my goods in Stone City, but met the bandits on the way! They robbed all my goods and nearly killed me. I'd like to give him a big prize if someone help me to find my goods back.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The Auctioneer of the Sky Village wants you to get his lost good back? It is heard that bandits' head hide all the goods in a box, and they add more persons to guard the box.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There are many bandits around their boss, you should be very careful!

Ask DialogueEdit

Go south from Sky Village and you'll see the bandits' camps. I think they must hide the goods there.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ha Ha! I finally revenge! How regrettable that I didn't see their poor situation before they died! Here is the prize for you.

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