The Legend of the Numen
The Legend of the Numen map
Vital statistics
Giver Coward Aborigine
Type Primary
Requirements Wolf Tail Wolf Tail *15
Level 12
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 3900 Experience
1950 Energy
11 Silver 70 Coin
Defensive armguard by class
Redbud Armguard Redbud Armguard
Purple Crystal Armguard Purple Crystal Armguard
Previous: Attacked by the Wild Mules

I... I... have to request you to do something... last night when I was walking outside the village, I found a wolf standing not far away and looked at me. I was scared when I saw its shadow because its tail was several times bigger than common wolf... I'm not kidding! We have the legend about wolf numen... It was really unfortunate... why did I have such rough luck?

Coward Aborigine

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the coward aborigines to do a investigation about the wolf numen.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The one who see wolf numen will have rough luck all of his life...

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you see the wolf numen I said to you?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

What? You mean what I saw that night wasn't wolf numen? It was because of the moonlight which shone on them...

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