The Last Battle
The Last Battle map
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Black Leopard *16
Level 8
Location Sky Village
Rewards 2100 Experience
1050 Energy
6 Silver 60 Coin
Next: The End of the Evil Ghost

After great effort, we can see the place where the Evil Ghost is. We are facing the fierce panther this time. It is stronger than all the enemies we have met. This battle will decide our final success. I think you will stand on our side, right?


Quest DescriptionEdit

<Player name>, you finally arrive at Black Campo where the Evil Ghost is. Go to beat down the panther which is protecting the evil Ghost.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The panther is protecting the Evil Ghost, and also get some power from it. You should be very careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

The panther has great power. You should be careful. I don't want to see you body been carried back.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You have killed the panther? It means we can touch the evil core... the challenge may just begin.

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