The Jokul Flying Snake
Vital statistics
Giver Jokul Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Jokul Flying Snake *30
Level 35
Location Snow Village
Rewards 7200 Experience
3600 Energy
21 Silver 60 Coin
Next: The Delicious Food

Recently, some strange snakes that can fly appeared on the mountain. No one knows where they come from. They like acting in groups to attack the livestock and small animals. The villagers complained a lot about that. The snakes should be hibernating in winter. It's so weird that these snakes are not hibernating, isn't it? I guess these snakes have some relationship with the Western Region Monks who come here some time before. In order not to be attacked by the Jokul Flying Snake anymore, the villagers gave me a sum of money and asked me to kill these snakes. I have never touch with them alone before. If you can help me, I will give you part of the reward, is that all right?

Jokul Hunter

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Jokul Flying Snake on the snow mountain were caused by the enchanter in the Far Temple with his magic power. Your task is to help the hunter to kill them.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hehe, I'm afraid to be refused by you. I wait here for your good news.

Ask DialogueEdit

Dude, be quick! I boasted to the villagers just now that I would finish it in a very short time...


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You come back so early! Haha, Unexpectedly, this task was completed so smoothly... Hehe, please wait a minute, I will give you the reward.

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