The Hunter on Tiger Mountain
The Hunter on Tiger Mountain map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Hunter
Type Repeatable
Requirements Kill Jungle Crocodile *15
Kill Little Tiger *12
Kill Wild Mule *10
Level 15
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 894 Energy
536 Experience
1 Silver 11Coin

There are many fancy animals around Tiger Mountain. It will cost our much time to hunt them. But the reward is also very rich. Would you like to try?

Aborigine Hunter

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the hunters on Tiger Mountain to hunt some fancy animals.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It depends on your skill...I have more jobs for you if you do a good job.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why you come back so soon? Have you finish the job I gave to you?


Kill 15 Jungle Crocodiles, 12 Little Tigers, 10 Wild Mules.


Return to Aborigine Hunter for your reward.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

You can be trust. Our business can go on...

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