The Headstream Aborigines
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Officer
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Aborigine Officer (boss)
Level 16
Location Tiger Mountain Rattan Cave
Rewards 5800 Experience
2900 Energy
18 Silver

There are some officers live in Rattan Cave in Headstream Village, who are unsatisfied with the Sagamore Black Ghost succession. They ran out and accept the protection from the Evil Taoist after failed in rebellion. Crow Forest must have a new master if Sagamore Black Ghost was not respected by the aborigines. FOr the sake of our village's security, you must go to Rattan Cave to perish those officers.

Aborigine Officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Consigned by the aborigines' presbyter to go to Rattan Cave to perish the aborigines' officers.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We must catch the ball before the bound who strikes first prevails.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you forgot what I requested you to do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! We won't be annoyed by those officers anymore.

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