The Guarding Monster of the Pond
Vital statistics
Giver Ruo Lan
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Immortal Crocodile Guard *5
Kill Immortal Crocodile
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 5625 Experience
2813 Energy
17 Silver 25 Coin
Defensive kneepad by class
Orchid Kneepad Orchid Kneepad
Hundred Fights Kneepad Hundred Fights Kneepad
Silver Gull Kneepad Silver Gull Kneepad

Your friend is almost recovered. But I find that there are more than one kind of wound on his body. According to my observation, he has got other internal injury. I think you should go to pick some Dark Grasses for him. But the places that grow Dark Grasses are all guarded by some immortal crocodiles. That's very troublesome.

Ruo Lan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Ruo Lan to kill the immortal crocodile who is guarding the Dark Grass.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those immortal crocodiles are very powerful. They can tear a bull easily, let alone human beings...

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you met with difficulty?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It's so dangerous... You finally get back safely. We are all worried about you.

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