The Guard of the Souls
Vital statistics
Giver Doctor of the Camp
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Cacodemon *30
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 5580 Experience
2790 Energy
17 Silver 28 Coin
Previous: The Wandering Bitter Elf

In the deep place of Cacodaemon Stockade, there are district guarded by lots of cacodaemons. I doubt that it has the relationship with the entrance of the snake den mentioned by White Cloud Master. But you need to perish the cacodaemons first if you want to close of it.

Doctor of the Camp

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the evil ghosts outside the snake den and get ready for entering the snake den.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those cacodaemons are very fierce. You should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

Watch other ghosts around here, they are evil


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Have you clean all of them? So the secret entrance of the snake den will be opened.

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