The Golden Lotus
Vital statistics
Giver Zhu Wen
Type Primary
Requirements Golden Lotus Pollen Golden Lotus Pollen *8
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 650 Experience
325 Energy
2 Silver 10 Coin

It has cost too much of my internal power to practice recently. I have to take rest for several days. I want you to do me a favor to collect some pollen of Golden Lotus for me. The pollen of Golden Lotus in this mountain is a great invigorant to reconcile the primordial and to dredge the channels. Although the thing is wonderful, it takes time to collect the pollen from the Golden Lotus one by one. Are you patient enough to do this?

Zhu Wen

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhu Wen to collect the pollen of Golden Lotus.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Remember no to tell other sisters about this.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you very much! Take a rest!

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