The Ghosts' Complaint
Vital statistics
Giver Solitary Ghost
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Ghost Wind Tao
Level 18
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 6510 Experience
3255 Energy
20 Silver 16 Coin
Previous: Kill the Ghost Wind Tao

The evil Taoist's noumenon is in the main hall of the snake cave. He has a lot of jackals. You can only open the door to the last snake cave after perish him.

Solitary Ghost

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Ghost Wind Tao's noumenon in the Snake Cave is the head of all the crimes. You must beat it down.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The evil Taoist will call up his jackals. You must be very careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The snake disaster on Cloud Mountain can be released temporally because the Ghost Wind Tao is perished.

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