The Ghost Breathe
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Repeatable
Requirements Kill Ghost Fire *15
Kill Vampire Ghost *12
Kill Bitter Elf *10
Level 15
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 551 Experience
918 Energy
1 Silver 14 Coin

In the deep place of Cloud Mountain, There is a field of old cemetery. Recently, lots of Ghosts appeared. The villagers were very brave when they were facing the snake bandits. But when they are facing the Bandits they are fear of them. It seems we can just rely on such a prentice from supernatural beings like you to beat them down.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Accept the commission from the blacksmith in the Camp to perish the ghosts wandering around the cemetery.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We are afraid of the wandering ghosts...we can just rely on you to perish them.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You did go perish them@ What a prentice from the supernatural beings!

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