The Fatal Arrows
The Fatal Arrows map
Vital statistics
Giver Blacksmith
Type Primary
Requirements Snake Tail Snake Tail *8
Level 7
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1800 Experience
900 Energy
5 Silver 50 Coin

<Player name>, many animals nearby have been infected by the Evil Ghost. You need special arrows to prevent them. This kind of arrows need the sap from the Gemination Snake's tail. Since I am busy with manufacturing the arrows, will you help me to hunt the Gemination Snakes around the Snake Swamp, and take back eight snake tails.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The blacksmith work day and night to make some arrows which is made of the tail of Gemination Snake to prevent the animals affected by the Evil Ghost.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Gemination Snakes are very cunning. Don't let them escape from you.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Gemination Snake has different habit with Dicephalous Snake. Most of them are at the north of the Snake Swamp.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I can make more arrows to protect our village by having these materials. This prizes are my thanks, please take them.

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