The Eyes of Snow Eagles
Vital statistics
Giver Apothecary
Type Primary
Requirements Snow Hawk Eye Snow Hawk Eye *20
Level 37
Location Snow Village
Rewards 10000 Experience
5000 Energy
30 Silver 0 Coin

Several days before, Far Temple sent a seductive and bewitching monk here. He asked me to prepare some herbs and also paid off the money. Would you like to help me to collect some eyes of the snow eagles.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Apothecary in the snow village to collect the eyes of Snow Eagles.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The snow eagles are very difficult to deal with. You'd better consider much about it and get well prepared.

Ask DialogueEdit

How many have you collected? I'm waiting for them to make medicine.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you for your hard work! You are a speedy worker. Hehe!

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