The Examinee Who is Blocked Up
Vital statistics
Giver Locked Up Examinee
Type Elite
Requirements Prison Key Prison Key
Level 22
Location Black Wind Camp Happiness Hall
Rewards 3700 Experience
1850 Energy
11 Silver 40 Coin
Advanced Energy Stone Advanced Energy Stone
Small Ruby Small Ruby
Small Emerald Small Emerald

Are you coming here to save me? Because we found the secret of here, so we were locked up. A few days ago, my friend took the chance of raining, ran out of here. And the gonna kill me tomorrow, please help me. Please save me out of here. Please...

Locked Up Examinee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Loong Fei to rescue the Examinees who were locked up.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I was tied by the chain. The key is in Loong Fei's hands. You should first defeat Loong Fei if you want to save me.

Ask DialogueEdit

You are my last chance. Please be careful


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you. I am released now. I feel more comfortable.

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