The Evil Monks in Mercy Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Apothecary
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Mace Fatso *15
Kill Lecher *15
Kill Monk Ranger *15
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 1739 Experience
290 Energy
470 Black Wind Camp Reputation

I am collecting some medicine materials at the foot of the mountain of Mercy Temple. Those years, the strength of Mercy temple grew gradually. Lots of evil monks raped the medicine material which I bought on a high price. I want to find someone to punish them.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Apothecary in Stone City to punish those outrageous monks in Mercy Temple.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Please help me to punish those monks.

Ask DialogueEdit

You come back so soon! Have finished the task I ask you to do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I feel so glad that you punish them

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