The Epigraph in Sand Village
The Epigraph in Sand Village map
Vital statistics
Giver Sand Village Head
Type Primary
Location Sand Village
Rewards 380 Experience
190 Energy
1 Silver 20 Coin
Next: The No-eyebrow Junta

I heard my father talked about the No-eyebrow Junta when I was young. That is a evil junta which has long history. They have absolutely irreconcilable hatred with the prentices from justicial juntas. If you want to know something more, you can go to the hungriness outside the village to find a peculiar Stele on which there are some detailed descriptions about them.

Sand Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go outside the village to find the Stele on which the history of No-eyebrow Junta is carved for the head of the village, and meet the Celestial Tao.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I think the Celestial Tao is near the Stele.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Celestial Tao:

It seems that the No-eyebrow Junta have been recreuiting prentices for many years. NOw their force becomes bigger and bigger the condition is very dangerous.

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