The End of the Evil Ghost
The End of the Evil Ghost map
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Horrible Demon Ghost
Tao Charm Tao Charm
Level 8
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1470 Experience
735 Energy
4 Silver 62 Coin
Previous: The Last Battle

The prime criminal has come out. It is the Horrible Demon Ghost who has guided everything. Our village will become peaceful after we kill it.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to perish the origin of the evilí-the Horrible Demon Ghost which is in the deep place of Black Campo.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

A single person can't fight against Horrible Demon Ghost. You'd better ask more fellow to go with you. The materials used in the battle should also be ready.

Ask DialogueEdit

Set out when everything is ready. I hope you can succeed in one time.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

All the mysterious things have ended up. The supernatural being from the mountain came to tell us that it caused by the monster on the Cloud Mountain. It woke up the evil sealed by the Wizard Master. The evil used to be the monster's student, then it was controlled by the master. Recently, the monster woke it up, and made it become a evil and went back to the world. It hates the supernatural beings and the common people very much. It used cursed ways to delude the animals and drove them to attack the willagers. The supernatural being asked me to tell you that it was your duty to research the monster.

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