The Enchanter in Mercy Temple
Vital statistics
Giver Apothecary
Type Repeatable
Requirements Kill Callet *15
Kill Lecher *15
Kill Monk Ranger *15
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 1528 Experience
916 Energy
1 Silver 88 Coin

Many enchanters hide in Mercy Temple. Those enchanters called me to give them some medicine materials. The money I earned was exploit by them. I hope someone can help to punish them


Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Apothecary in Stone City to punish those outrageous monks in Mercy Temple.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those guys are not easy to deal with, you must be careful

Ask DialogueEdit

Be careful! If you can fight with them just let them go. Don't lose your life..


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha! Since you are here, I don't need to be afraid of those hellions.

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