The Destroyer of The Cropland
The Destroyer of The Cropland map
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Qi
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Wild Rabbit *30
Location Stone City
Rewards 4800 Experience
2400 Energy
14 Silver 40 Coin

Recently, many strange wild rabbits came to our cropland to make waves. My grandma asked us to beat them. However, because there are too many of them, my sister and I can't handle it. <Player name>, come and help us.

Zhang Qi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhang Qi to perish the wild rabbits in the cropland.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The rabbits are in the cropland which is at west of here.

Ask DialogueEdit

So many wild rabbits! I think it will take us a long time to perish them.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

How fierce you are! So many rabbits have been perished. Now we can go to tell our grandma about it.

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