The Delicious Food
Vital statistics
Giver Jokul Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Mountain Wolf Meat Mountain Wolf Meat *20
Level 36
Location Snow Village
Rewards 9800 Experience
4900 Energy
30 Silver 0 Coin
Previous: The Jokul Flying Snake
Next: Kaoliang Spirit (quest)

I have almost forgotten that I have to send some mountain wild wolf meats to the Uncle Liu. He.. boar very much. Every time I go out to hunt, I take some back to him. Hehe... would you like to hunt some more boars for me?

Jokul Hunter

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the hunter to hunt for some mountain wild wolves and send them to Uncle Liu.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

So frank. We are friends and I won't treat unfairly.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha... I saw you when you were still some distance away from here. The hunter who came back earlier than yoyu told me that someone would bring me wolf meats, I know it's you... Here you are it's your reward.

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