The Confidential Lette
The Confidential Lette map
Vital statistics
Giver Celestial Tao
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Syren Without Eyebrow *14
No-eyebrow Secret Letter
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1400 Experience
700 Energy
4 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: The No-eyebrow Junta
Next: The Bitter Elf

It is these Syren Without Eyebrow who use blackart to puzzled those kind villagers. We must beat down the Syren in order to prevent the villagers from being puzzled. Recently, I found some Syren often come out and carry some letters. I have to find a way to get those letters to see what they are doing.

Celestial Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Celestial Tao capture the confidential letter from Syren Without Eyebrow.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go and come back quickly. Don't let others know. The few person know you task, the safer you will be.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is it? Did you get the letters?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

According to those confidential letters, the No-eyebrow Junta is calling in their following to come here. I believe they must be planning a big action. I will stay here to watch their next step.

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