The Checkerboard in the Forest
Vital statistics
Giver Tiger Head Man
Type Primary
Requirements Big Tree Spirit Debris Big Tree Spirit Debris *4
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 600 Experience
300 Energy
1 Silver 92 Coin
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Next: The Test of Tamer

<Player name>, I have told you the general history of Tamer. We won't have conflict with other professions unless they offend us first. However, the evil power has recovered according to the things happened recently. If we want to keep the tranquility as before, we have to drive away the invasive power. The following test is for everyone who has entered the Darkness Valley before they become a formal disciple of Tamer. Please go to the forest and expel the Big Sprite which entrenches beside the white stone checkerboard. The white stone checker board is where the senior master plays chess for fun with the immortals. It can not be distained by the evil guys any more. After you complete the task, go to find white parrot to learn the most important skills of our school.

Tiger Head Man

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the tiger head man dr4ive away the big sprite in the forest and get the Debris of it and then give it to the white parrot.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

After you have completed the task, you can learn the skill to capture the beasts from the White Parrot.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

White Parrot:

Keke... I'm happy that you can finish the test. This has proved your qualification to be a formal disciple of Tame at the first step.

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