The Brigand's Battle horses
Vital statistics
Giver Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Battle Horse *12
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1020 Experience
510 Energy
3 Silver 24 Coin
Next: Hunting

I used to be a Mounted Brigand, too. The reason was I just wanted to have a method to get some food to prevent myself from starvation. What I didn't expect was that I did lots of evildoings with them. I want to start with clean slate. I'll help you if you want to fight with them. You must kill their Battle Horses at first if you want to drive away those Mounted Brigand. This can weaken their battle effectiveness. Can you bet your boots?

Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand

Quest DescriptionEdit

Follow the Planted Agent in the Mounted Brigand to perish the battle horses of them.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those Battle Horses are raised on the field. You must find a good chance to attack them.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is it? Did you see those Battle horses?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha...just wait for a good fun. They can't walk a foot without those horses.

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