The Breath of Evil Ghost
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Little Leopard *12
Location Sky Village
Rewards 1275 Experience
638 Energy
4 Silver 5 Coin
Optional rewards (pick one):
Bamboo Ring Bamboo Ring (+2 Mana Recovery Speed)
Bamboo Ring Bamboo Ring (+1 HP Recover Speed)

Recently, the animals become atrocious. Those which can be hunted easily, become fierce, which looks like attached by Evil Ghost. We hunters daren't go out for hunting. Could you please help us to straighten out the little leopard at east suburb of our village?


Quest DescriptionEdit

The hunter from Sky Village asked you to perish the little leopard which is impulsed by the Evil Ghost and which is at the east suburb of Sky Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those animals don't care about their injury at all. We can only prevent them by beat them down drastically.

Ask DialogueEdit

The little leopards live near the village. You can see them after going out the eastern door.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You have finished the task? Thanks very much. But we really worry about those animals.

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