The Bald Vulture Head
Vital statistics
Giver Chamber of Commerce Boss
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Bald Vulture Head
Kill Bald Vulture Guard *15
Location Snow Village
Rewards 16450 Experience
8225 Energy
50 Silver 40 Coin
Defensive belt by class
Silver Gull Belt Silver Gull Belt
Hundred Fights Belt Hundred Fights Belt
Previous: Crisis in the Swamp

The counterjumper who always go out to chop wood said that he once saw a huge vulture flying in the depth of the marsh, with many Red Head Vulture around it. I think it must have some relationship with the things happened before. The Red Head Vulture won't offend us anymore if we kill it.

Chamber of Commerce Boss

Quest DescriptionEdit

There is a huge vulture in the depth of the swamp, who is the most loyal servant of the Demon of West Region. It guards the ghost-wreathed swamp and watches every plants here.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Take care! I think you'd better ask someone to go with you although you are an expert of martial art.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be careful! Have you found the huge Bald Vulture Head?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Maybe we will meet with a greater trouble. Take a rest now.

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