The Appointment in Belvedere
Vital statistics
Giver Madam Miao Yi
Type Primary
Location Stone City
Rewards 3400 Experience
1700 Energy
10 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Protect Golden Cicada
Next: Rattan Cave Adventure

I am worried about Golden Cicada. I don't want to involve him into the fight. Lady Fei is my old friend. She is in Stone City now. She used to be evils. Since her brother was killed by the Wizard, she has forsook darkness for light. Some rumors saying she was pretending to join the justice side. It's a great achievement if you can persuade her back to the justice side.

Madam Miao Yi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Head for Belvedere in Stone City to meet Lady Fei.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We don't have enough time, please be quick.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Lady Fei:

Oh... Madam Miao Yi sent you here. Well, that's great.hahaha

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