Test before Action
Vital statistics
Giver Eighth Auntie
Type Primary
Location Snow Village
Rewards 2300 Experience
1150 Energy
6 Silver 90 Coin
Previous: Revenge
Next: Transport Goods

The Demon of West Region is the head conductor behind them. He lives in the Ghost Wind Valley. You can ask the boss of the commercial chamber or his counterjumper for detail. The boss and I have been good friends for many years, and he has suffered a lot from them. He will know I send you there as long as you show him my token.

Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

Eighth Auntie has saved the life of the counterjumper of the commercial chamber in the Ghost Shadow Swamp. So they will surely help us as long as we show the token of Eighth Auntie.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There will be a hard trip, you must get well prepared. Keep well the thing I gave you. I don't know when we will meet again in the future, so take care!

(Receive: Eighth Aunt's Keepsake Eighth Aunt's Keepsake)


Accomplish DialogueEdit


You are really sent by Eighth Auntie. How is she these days? My boss mentioned her several days before.

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