Take the Head of Demon
Vital statistics
Giver Eighth Auntie
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Demon of West Region
Kill Guard of West Region Demon *15
Level 36
Location Snow Village
Rewards 17150 Experience
8575 Energy
52 Silver 50 Coin
Defensive torso by class
Silver Gull Battle Corslet Silver Gull Battle Corslet
Orchid Battle Dress Orchid Battle Dress
Hundred Fights Battle Cuirass Hundred Fights Battle Cuirass
Previous: Revenge

In order to get my Talisman, the Demon of West Region has tried every way. Actually, the Talisman is not with me now, I have deposited it with an old friend. If you can go to visit him with the head of the Demon of West Region, I'm sure he will treat you well.

Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Demon of West Region hides in the depth of the Ghost Wind Valley and he has many underlings. Even Eighth Auntie who is a master of martial art was beaten and prisoned in the cave by him. It bodes ill rather than well if you go there alone..

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful! Although you have made some progress, you cannot beat the Demon of West Region. You'd better ask several other people to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Snow Village Head:

Haha... rewards allure men to brave danger. These rewards are for you, take them!

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