Sword of Immortal
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter Qiu
Type Primary
Requirements Sky Jade Sword Sky Jade Sword
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 9750 Experience
4875 Energy
15 Silver
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Nice to meet you here! I just found a sword tomb in valley, among those swords there, I found seven special ones in a strange array, so I think they are Seven Swords. But when I tried to touch them, I was attacked by lots of Monsters. Fortunately, I escaped rapidly. Would you please take one for me? I must keep finding medicine.

Hunter Qiu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to Seven Sword Tomb and kill Sword Soul Guard to collect Sky Jade Sword.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks a lot!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Lady Zexan:

Any news about my brother? Great!

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