Strange Wildfire
Strange Wildfire map
Vital statistics
Giver Celestial Tao
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Friar's Lantern *15
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1575 Experience
788 Energy
4 Silver 95 Coin
Previous: The Undeserved Ghost
Next: Go Astray

The wildfire wandering in the relic is apparition called by the head of the No-eyebrow Junta named Fire Taoist. They felt disappointed that they couldn't puzzle the common people, and then turned to call the apparition from another world. You should perish the wild fire when they are just new-born and haven't been given strong power.

Celestial Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the neonatal wildfire.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful. Don't let the wildfire become stronger.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be careful. Don't let the wildfire become stronger.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

So dangerous! The wildfire is hard to fight with. I really worried about you...

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