Strange Scorpion in Woods
Strange Scorpion in Woods map
Vital statistics
Giver Elder Dong
Type Primary
Requirements Cure Cream Cure Cream *15
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 9250 Experience
4625 Energy
14 Silver 25 Coin
Next: Cure the Symptoms

Besides Woofi Grass, we still need some other materials. The Cure Cream, extracted from teh Strange Scorpion, are very useful. Would you please collect some for me?

Elder Dong

Quest DescriptionEdit

Please go to Fir Woods and collect Cure Cream from Strange Scorpion for Elder Dong.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We need some Cure Cream as medicine.

Ask DialogueEdit

We need some Cure Cream as medicine.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Millions of thanks!

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