Strange Animal in Rattan Cave
Vital statistics
Giver Xiao San-er
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Golden Macaque Head
Location Tiger Mountain Rattan Cave
Rewards 4050 Experience
2025 Energy
12 Silver 60 Coin
Defensive belt by class
Purple Crystal Belt Purple Crystal Belt

Well... you can't understand my hardship. My wife and mother-in-law are fairy animals who are practicing now, and will soon become human beings. But the header of Little Golden Macaques is bewitched by the Evil Tao and became unsatisfied for them. I hope you can perish him for me when you see him. Then I can get rid of being controlled by the Evil Tao.

Xiao San-er

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the head of Little Golden Macaque in Rattan Cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The whereabouts of the header is very secretive. You may have to spend some time to find him.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you meet some difficulties? Or you want to give it up?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

He finally died. I get my freedom back.

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