Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient Tree of Life (quest)GuildStone of Life
Beat Down the AccessaryPrimaryZhang Qi
Burn the DenPrimaryFellow Liao Yi
Chase Geezer (quest)PrimaryExaminee SongNose for The NewsDistrustful Big Fellow
Clean Leud TemplePrimary21Zhou ChunVisit the AnchoretFight against Pink Butterfly
Visit the Temple
Nose for The News
Cloud Crossbow Appears AgainPrimary21Zhou ChunVisit the AnchoretThief in Green Bamboo Nunnery
Collect Bit of Water KernelPrimaryLady CristinaExtract Kernel of Fire
Collect Celestial PearlsRepeatable20Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (2)Repeatable30Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (3)Repeatable36Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (4)Repeatable61Immortal Lee
Collect the Medicine MaterialsPrimary20Zhang Qi
Convoy the Tao CompanionRepeatableQiu Lin
Distrustful Big FellowEliteChase GeezerChase Geezer (quest)
Divine Beast ScrollsPrimary25Immortal Lee
Do WrongElite20Zhang Yaoqing
Evildoing of Monk Mao TaiPrimarySun Nan
Exposure of ImposterPrimarySun Nan
Extract Kernel of FirePrimaryLady CristinaCollect Bit of Water KernelReappearance of Buddha Lotus
Face-liftingPrimaryImmortal Lee
Fight against Pink ButterflyEliteZhou ChunClean Leud Temple
Go Fast and Come Back FastPrimaryTao Novice
Home of LanternPrimaryShopman
Hunt for EscapeePrimarySun Nan
Mountain Demon Get in the WayPrimaryZhang Qi
Mushroom Village MiseryReputationReputation Merchant
Nose for The NewsPrimaryZhou ChunChase Geezer (quest)
Plentiful Mineral (Primary)GuildLunar Cave lvl 1Master Qingxuzi
Reappearance of Buddha LotusPrimarySir AdamExtract Kernel of Fire
Save Examinee ZhouEliteExaminee Zhou
Share Prosperity (Ancient Tree of Life)GuildStone of Life
Sky Village ProtectorElite20Ascetic FuhuOral Message from Iron Arms LeeOral Message from Ascetic Fuhu
Strong Energy Charm (Advanced)RepeatableImmortal Lee
Strong Energy Charm (Medium)Repeatable40Immortal Lee
Strong Energy Charm (Primary)Repeatable30Immortal Lee
The Appointment in BelvederePrimaryMadam Miao YiProtect Golden CicadaRattan Cave Adventure
The Bandits in Stone CityRepeatable20Rich Man
The Destroyer of The CroplandPrimaryZhang Qi
The Power of Blue MagicPrimary25Immortal Lee
The Trouble of Mushroom VillageReputationMushroom Villager
The wandering Evil GhostPrimaryZhang SiGather MaterialsDo Other a Favor
Thief in Green Bamboo NunneryPrimaryTao Novice
Visit Zhu WenPrimarySun Nan
Visit the AnchoretPrimary20Rich Man
Visit the TemplePrimaryZhou ChunClean Leud Temple

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