Vital statistics
Giver Eighth Auntie
Type Primary
Requirements Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit *15
Location Snow Village
Rewards 3450 Experience
1725 Energy
10 Silver 35 Coin

The tricked me and boxed me up consuming my internal force in the cave after he failed to take my talisman. I'm sure he want to take the opportunity to fight with me again when I am lacking an internal force. I have had nothing to eat for some days and I am also being watched by many underlings of the devil outside of the cave. You will not let me die of hunger, will you? You are such a warm-hearted person! There are some wild fruits out of the cave, could you go out to pick some for me?

Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

In order to prevent the Demon of West Region from looting Eighth Auntie's Talisman when she is very weak, please go to the forest out of the cave to pick some wild fruits for her. You must take care, the underlings are not easy to deal with.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Good man, you have to take care, the underlings are everywhere outside.

Ask DialogueEdit

I'm so starved! Have you picked some wild fruits for me?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha. I won't be worried any more, you have picked so many fruits for me that I can live with them for some time.

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