Soul of Fox
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Wizard Liyu
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Soul of Ice Fox Lady
Location Ease Cloud Cave
Rewards 14350 Experience
7175 Energy
22 Silver 5 Coin
Previous: Nature of the Ice Fox Lady

Ice Fox Lady, who was a fox before, is now hiding in Ease Cloued Cave to practice. Her body is wandering outside, but her soul is required to infuse nimbus to Hellfire Vessel for three hours per day. It's a good chance to kil lher. <Player name> we hope you can fulfill this quest!

Soul of Wizard Liyu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to destroy the Soul of Ice Fox Lady.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I am here for your good news!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you fulfilled?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You will make more achievements in future.

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