Soul Infusion is a good way to strengthen all attributes of your defensive gear and talismans. In other words, an item after Soul Infusion is better than the same one without it. Unlike Combine, it has 100% success rate.

How to Soul Infuse an item?Edit

Only Ascetic Fuhu can help you with Soul Infusion, and you can find him in many major areas such as Sky Village and Stone City. Talk to him and choose Soul Infusion from his dialogue options. The Soul Infusion interface will be open for you to place items. The three upper blanks are the places for your item and the materials needed in Soul Infusion and the below one is the visual effect icon for you to check before finishing Soul Infusion.

Soul infusion 2

What is needed to Soul Infuse?Edit

Necessary materials:

Soul Quartz can be purchased directly from Ascetic Fuhu for the price of 50 Silver, while Nimbus Quartz can be acquired through killing mobs or from other players by trade, auctions and stall.

After putting these things on their own place, you can see a preview immediately of the effects Soul Infusion will have on the item for you to consider when deciding to Soul Infuse it or not. From the below picture, we can see that all of the three attributes are better than the original one.

Soul infusion 3

If you still want to do Soul Infusion after checking, just click Make and the Soul Infusion will be done with Soul Quartz and Nimbus Quartz consumed. And there is a state of Soul Infusion under its name.


  • All items after Soul Infusion are bound, which means they can no longer be transferred to others through trade, auction, stall or mail.But they can still be combined, or merged.

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