Something Fallow in the Bramble
Vital statistics
Giver Junior Zhou Yuncong
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Boa *15
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 2420 Experience
1210 Energy
7 Silver 26 Coin
Little Wild Mule pet Little Wild Mule pet
Previous: Kindling on Bramble Hill

What I didn't think is that these boas hibernating in the bramble were waken up by the fire. Those boas are very fierce. We must perish them before they wake up completely.

Junior Zhou Yuncong

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the boas waking up in the bramble for Examinee Zhou.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those boas just came to from dormancy. It's a good time to perish them.

Ask DialogueEdit

I regret that the fire lightened by me made much trouble to you.


Just kill 15 boas north of Yuncong.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

I just realize that you have such nimble skill.

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