Solitary Ghost (quest)
Solitary Ghost (quest) map
Vital statistics
Giver Doctor of the Camp
Type Primary
Level 15
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 810 Experience
405 Energy
2 Silver 52 Coin
Next: The Wandering Bitter Elf

<Player name>, when I was picking the herbal medicine in Cloud Mountain, I once saw a wandering Solitary Ghost in Cacodaemon Stockade. He told me about his past events. I was busy with pick herbal medicine so I couldn't help him. Can you help me to find it and see if you can help him?

Doctor of the Camp

Quest DescriptionEdit

This Solitary Ghost looks as if it is different with others. He just stands there, it seems he is waiting for someone.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

<Player name>, generally speaking, common people are afraid of ghosts. But this one is not the same with others. This is the reason I want to find it.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Solitary Ghost:

The great Apothecary asked you to find me? Ah... he is really a kind person. It has been half a year since last time we said goodbye to each other. I didn't think he would help me. But he asked you to see me. So you can help me?

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