Soaring Flame Spirit
Vital statistics
Giver Village Head
Type Scenario
Requirements Blue Xmas Candy (bound) Blue Xmas Candy (bound)
Location White Bear Village
Rewards 5100 Experience
4250 Energy
26 Silver 0 Coin
Horse Master's Seal Horse Master's Seal

I've learned the skill to communicate with all animals. If we can get the Soaring Flame Spirit, then I can help you learn this skill. But this Soaring Flame Spirit is now in the hands of Blaze Skull Marshal. I hope you can take it from Blaze Skull Marshal!

Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

Kill Blaze Skull Marshal to get it's Soaring Flame Spirit, then give it to Village Head.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We must take Soaring Flame Spirit from the evils!

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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