Sneak Attack the Roving Bandits
Sneak Attack the Roving Bandits map
Vital statistics
Giver Villager to Scout
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Elte Roving Bandit *12
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1020 Experience
510 Energy
3 Silver 24 Coin
Previous: Nose for the Truth

According to what I observed these days, the roving bandits who act around the village came from the camp in the frontage. I guess that is their base camp. It will be great shock to them if we destroy their base camp.

Villager to Scout

Quest DescriptionEdit

Knowing the roving bandits' encamp through the spy. The head of the village asks you to sneak attack the camp and drive away the Roving Bandits.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful, the bandits in the base camp are much stronger than those who wander outside.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Sand Village Head:

Ha ha! Great! I heard that you punished the roving bandits in the camp. I think they won't go to our village again.


  • Although this quest is obtained from Villager to Scout, Sand Village Head is listed as the Quest Notify Spot.

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