Snake Disaster
Vital statistics
Giver Reputation Merchant
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Elite Jungle King Boa *6
Kill Elite Servant of Snake Head *6
Kill Elite Snake Captor *5
Kill Elite Snake Head *6
Kill Elite Golden Horn Boa *6
Kill Elite Captain of Snake Head *6
Kill Dicephalous Snake
Kill Avatar of Snake Demon
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 6240 Experience
1041 Energy
2400 Cloud Mountain reputation

Ghost Wind Tao is hiding in the Cloud Mountain. So the Snakes rely on the support of Ghost WInd Tao, they inhale the villagers blood. The whole village is under their horrible atmosphere. We need a hero to save us from the horrible life.

Reputation Merchant

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Cloud Mountain Reputation Merchant perish the evil force here.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

To reinstall the peace life of Cloud Mountain does depend on you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, thank you very much. your reputation increased! We all respect you now.

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