Snake Cave

Snake Cave map

Entrance coordinates
(-173, -208)

When Ghost Wind Tao's preexistence was the officer in an evil junta, he learned from ancient books that Millenary Snake Demon's spirit has been sealed in the snake cave on Cloud Mountain. In order to strengthen his own power to resist immortals, he broke the seal, and went into snake cave secretly to defraud snake demo's trust. He committed primes by relying on snake demo's power and was looking for a human's body for snake demon to get preparation for snake demon's birth on the world. Due to Ghost Wind Tao's evildoing, army of snake demons has occupied the Serene Village. There is even aberrance in Sky Village as a result of the revival of his student Horrible Demon Ghost. The entrance to the snake cave is hidden in the deep place of Cacodaemon Stockade. Ghost Wind Tao and Millenary Snake Demon must be killed if you want to perish the evil monsters on Cloud Mountain.

Elite Ghost Captain

  • Note: Dicephalous Snake is summoned by talking to Polluted Poison Mushroom.


Name Level
Polluted Mushroom 15
Polluted Poison Mushroom 15
Snake Head Witch 15
Soul in Durance 10


Ghost Wind Tao
Monster Name Level
Poison Mushroom 15
Elite Jungle Boa 15
Elite Jungle King Boa 16
Dicephalous Snake 16
Elite Servant of Snake Head 16
Elite Snake Captor 16
Elite Snake Head 17
Avatar of Snake Demon 17
Elite Ghost Fire 17
Elite Vampire Ghost 18
Elite Cacodemon 19
Ghost Wind Tao 19
Elite Golden Horn Boa 19
Elite Captain of Snake Head 19
Soul of Snake Demon 20

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